Every day, trucks travel on the highways and roads of Indiana, transporting various types of cargo. Whether it’s construction materials, gravel, wood, or other commercial items, these goods, when improperly loaded, can transform into hazardous projectiles when a truck is in motion. Flying debris from moving trucks presents significant dangers to drivers, pedestrians, and compromises the overall safety of our highways. If you or a loved one have been injured as the result of flying or falling debris from a truck, you might be wondering what legal options are available, particularly if the driver was unaware of the accident or intentionally left the scene.

Determining liability from a truck accident caused by debris can be a complex process and often depends on the specific circumstances of a case. Liability may be attributed to different parties, including, but not limited to: trucking companies, truck operators, cargo loading companies, manufacturers of truck parts, and government entities. Additionally, if the debris did not originate from the truck and was kicked up from the road, pursuing a personal injury claim will be much more challenging.

When dealing with accidents and resulting injuries from flying debris, it’s vital to document the incident thoroughly. Collect information about the scene, take photographs, and immediately seek medical attention if you are injured. If a truck is leaving the scene, try to get license plate information or other details about the vehicle, including logos or phone numbers that are visible on the rig.

Consulting with experienced personal injury attorneys will help determine liability and guide you through the legal process of seeking compensation for damages and injuries. Insurance companies will often be reluctant to justly compensate victims if there are ambiguities in a case. As a result, attorneys must be experienced in navigating the legal demands of personal injury law, as well as the nuances involved in truck accident cases involving falling or flying debris.

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