Julie Armstrong is the Executive Director of the Indianapolis Bar Association (IndyBar), a voluntary membership organization empowering legal professionals. Through its continuing legal education programs, the IndyBar serves nearly 5,000 attorneys, judges, paralegals, and law students. For over 30 years, Julie’s strategic vision has been instrumental to the association’s trend-setting initiatives, such as the Practice Builder, Diversity Job Fair, and Virtual Ask a Lawyer, an online legal advice chat service. Her outstanding leadership, dedication, and innovation have garnered accolades, including being awarded the Best Bar Professional by the National Association of Bar Executives in 2023.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Julie Armstrong shares insights from her 30 years of experience working in the legal field in Indianapolis
  • Navigating event planning challenges for a bar association
  • How does the Indianapolis Bar Association (IndyBar) collaborate to serve lawyers and the community?
  • An overview of the IndyBar’s Virtual Ask a Lawyer service
  • The role of bar associations in advocacy work
  • The pandemic’s impact on legal industry changes and member engagement
  • Julie explores law trends and the need for lawyers to adapt to new technologies
  • What does the IndyBar offer young legal professionals?

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The pandemic has indisputably disrupted the legal sector, with younger lawyers struggling to connect with clients and access meaningful mentorship at work. According to a survey, nearly half of all lawyers said they felt disengaged from their firms or employers during the pandemic. As the industry shifts back to in-person meetings, what is the role of bar associations in helping these professionals restore their affinity for the legal profession?

Industry veteran Julie Armstrong highlights the importance of bar associations in providing lawyers with the support and mentorship they need to thrive. During her 30 years of leadership in the industry, Julie realized how crucial it is for lawyers to build meaningful relationships with colleagues. Describing the member-driven culture of the Indianapolis Bar Association, she says professional associations provide a platform to connect and access a wealth of resources, including networking opportunities, publications, volunteer opportunities, and educational events. By participating in these events, young professionals can establish themselves as experts in their field and enhance their professional reputation.

In this episode of the Circle City Conversations, Alex Limontes hosts Julie Armstrong, the Executive Director of the Indianapolis Bar Association, to explore the association’s initiatives for professionals in the industry. They discuss the role of bar associations in advocacy work, Julie’s experience in the legal field, trends in the legal profession, and the need for lawyers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

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