Katherine Karres is a Personal Injury Lawyer at Hurst Limontes, an Indiana law firm focused exclusively on helping victims of negligence. With over 13 years of experience in injury litigation, Katherine has tried 27 injury cases over her legal career and has helped thousands of clients resolve their cases. Before joining Hurst Limontes, she worked as a medical negligence claims litigator.

As a graduate of the University of Indianapolis and the Indiana University School of Law, Katherine has lived in Indiana for most of her life. She has been a Super Lawyers Rising Star since 2017 and has been named Top 40 Under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Katherine Karres details her law career and fight for justice
  • From business major to law school: Katherine’s encouragement to pursue legal practice
  • Trial attorneys and defense lawyers as performers in the theater of the courtroom
  • How technology has impacted legal practice
  • Why alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has increased in usage
  • Practical examples of challenging cases with unexpected twists and outcomes
  • Jury selection and trial strategies
  • The importance of confidence and charisma for female trial lawyers
  • Work-life balance and personal relationships in the legal profession
  • Katherine reflects on legal mentors and advice that has shaped her career

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Lawyers are experts at studying the facts of a case and the legal principles that apply to litigations. But how can they communicate more effectively and connect with a jury beyond merely delivering facts?

In one of its publications, “Trial as Theater,” the US Department of Justice describes a courtroom as a theater where attorneys create scenes to persuade their audience. Trial lawyer Katherine Karres navigates her long and fruitful career with this mindset – from her short stint at a defense firm to resolving over 27 injury cases as a plaintiff attorney. She compares plaintiff lawyers to movie producers and defense attorneys to movie critics. While jurors expect the facts, they want more than details and legal research. Applying actor techniques and attitudes can make attorneys more effective in court. Katherine opens up about some of her most significant insights on jury trials.

Join host Alex Limontes in this episode of Circle City Conversations as he welcomes Katherine Karres, a top-rated personal injury attorney and Trial Lawyer at Hurst Limontes, for a conversation on winning strategies for successful jury trials. Katherine shares her experience as a personal injury attorney, the similarities between lawyers and actors, and tips for balancing your legal practice with family life and navigating new technology in law.

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